Getting started with Azure Container Apps

Azure Container Apps went General Available in May of 2022 and offers a great way to build cloud native apps with serverless containers.

Enable anonymous access to SharePoint 2013 – Part 1- Configure Web Application and SiteCollection

This blog post describes how you can enable anonymous access to your SharePoint environment, anonymous access is often used when creating public facing websites.

On demand conversion with Word automation services

Introduction In SharePoint 2010 word automation services was introduced the service could be used to do a lot of batch conversion tasks.

Restore binary content from unattached database

Introduction When files are accidentally removed from a SharePoint 2010 content database in most circumstances they can be restored through the recycle bin, when files are also removed from the recycle bin it is not possible to restore files on item level basis.

Change Navigation properties Publishing site Planning navigation in a SharePoint solution is essential In a publishing site you have the following options to change the navigaion setting.

SharePoint MUI Resource files

In SharePoint 2010 you have the ability to configure alternate languages for a website, this feature enables that navigation and labels are presented in the user selected language without creating variations, when on a farm multiple language pack’s are deployed you can configure Alternate Languages on every site.

Upgrade localized SharePoint 2007 Publishing site to SharePoint 2010

Update: March 11 2011Microsoft KB2484317 for issue with solution

SharePoint 2010 Global List Id’s

Recently I needed to know the List id of the Theme’s list and wasn’t able to find a list on MSDN so I looked @ the SharePoint root to find out.

Provision publishing page with webpart in sandboxed solution

While working with Sandboxed solutions in SharePoint 2010 I faced a problem with attaching a webpart to a publishing page.

Ajax updatepanel SharePoint 2007

At a customer place we had issue’s after deploying a page with an Ajax updatepanel, on the development en test environment everything worked fine but on the customer’s acceptance and production environment the first postback in the updatepanel worked but after that the updatepanel didn’t react anymore.